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Interview with Italian activist who wrote to Angela Merkel to urge Germany to take lead on Eurobonds – New Europeans


L’Europa dica sì agli eurobond. Lettera aperta ad Angela Merkel – Micromega/Repubblica

Eurobond, 200 scienziati e studiosi di tutta Europa scrivono ad Angela Merkel – Il Manifesto

Lettera Aperta ad Angela Merkel – CeSPI


Open letter to Angela Merkel – Baltic News Desk


Open brief aan Merkel: steun de creatie van eurobonds – Joop


Carta aberta a Angela Merkel – Público


Angela Merkel urged to put European solidarity over German interest – Open Democracy

Open letter to Angela Merkel – The World News

Oxford Academic Gains International Support with Appeal to Angela Merkel – EM Oxford

Blog/sites of organisations hosting the letter

Another Europe Is Possiblee-fluxEuropean AlternativesNew EuropeansRadio FreeDiEM25

Many thanks to all of them!

Initial list of signatories of 500 European intellectuals and activists

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